Monday, December 31, 2012

Stepanoff Visit- day 6

And we have finally made it to the final day of the Stepanoff girl's visit to Japan.  We had already seen and done so much already, but wanted one more horrah before they left us in the evening.  We started the morning out with a walk to the beach and around American Village one last time.  It was a bit cold out though, so our walk didn't last long with an infant!  We settled on a lunch at a Shabu Shabu restaurant where you can cook your own meat in sauce.  
Ready for the beach!

Playing in the sand

Silly boy

Love these boys to death!

The menu for ShabuShabu.  We got the Chicken, Pork, Beef, and "pluck." Gotta love the Japanese!

If this doesn't scream paleo I don't know what does!

We got Korean and Japanese sauce
After packing bags and relaxing a bit, it was time to say goodbye to our visitors.  We had a wonderful trip with no incidents. (Haha...)  Unfortunately, this trip made us that much more homesick.  Maybe not as much homesick as ready for what's next in our lives.  Spending over 3 years in Japan has been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives.  However we are really missing our family, and this visit made us realize just how much.  Saying goodbyes are always tough, but it was even harder for us this time because not only do we have 2 children now, but we don't even know when we will be seeing family again.  

Dear Marine Corps, Please send us orders very soon.  We are ready.