Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stepanoff visit- day 1

Snuggle boy
 After an eventful and fun filled Christmas day, we were ready for some fun with the family.  We thought it was best to keep it close considering the time change.  We started out the morning lazily and continued by going to base to get some passes.  Afterwards it was time for play time at the park and naps for two little boys... among others! 
Eli getting lots of love

Zach playing at the playground

Swinging boy!

Another swinging boy!

Roller slides!
 After some naps we were all re-charged for some fun at the beach.  Though it's a bit cold for swimming, we decided to instead take in the beauty this island offers us and take some photos.  I had perfect lighting and got some great shots.  I hope to learn photoshop a bit more in the future so I can really perfect these images! 
Z and Daddy

I love this shot of Elijah and his Babushka

Siblings.  They wouldn't get closer. 

Playing peek a boo in the rock formations

silly boy

It's so hard getting them both to look

typical toddler

Yeah i tried really hard to get him to look!

I love this shot! 

Zach and his favorite godmother

He was being silly

siblings again

I love this one

Zach's face is priceless

Love this boy!

Zach couldn't have turned his head? 

At sushi.  This is definitely a boy born in Japan.  He would rather eat rice then fries! 
What a great first day we had!  Looking forward to having more fun!