Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stepanoff Visit- Day 5

After a busy and eventful day yesterday, we decided to take it a little easier today.  We started the morning out lazily in the house.  We all got cuddle time with the boys, then headed out to Foster to the Officer's club for brunch.  The O club puts on an amazing brunch every week.  Though this one doesn't have crab legs like on Kadena, they do still have a great selection.  My favorite is of course the omelet bar and the fresh fruit!  Zach too seemed to love the fruit!  As always, he ate a LOT.  It's a good thing we don't have to pay for him yet!
Cuddle time for Elijah

He's been so happy lately!  He sure does love his family

Even Neko got hugs!

I don't get to cuddle Zach nearly enough these days.  I sure do love that boy!
Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy today.  We took it upon ourselves to stay local.  We headed just outside our home to American Village, where we explored a bit.  We got to partake in Dr. Fish, where you put your feet into a pool with fish who eat the dead skin off.  It feels a little like a tickle or vibration, and doesn't hurt.  It's always a top attraction when we have visitors!  We then walked around a bit more before heading back for a home cooked meal. 

Zach on the Ampamon train!

Dima smuggled something illegal into the country.  Zach was taking him away

He's too funny!