Saturday, December 22, 2012

Japanese christmas lights

There's many things the Japanese got right.  Manners. Fireworks.  And of course- christmas lights.  I know what you must be thinking- "Do the Japanese even celebrate christmas?"  Well, yes as a matter of fact they do.  Not all of them, but there are a surprising amount of Christians here in Japan.  And boy, they have some cool lights!  They are very into the LED lights, so they put forth a very bright display.  I will really miss seeing these lights next year- though I said the same thing last year so at this rate we'll still be here!  We knew we wanted Zach to see these lights.  This year whenever he sees lights he says, "Petty!" (pretty) And boy were they pretty- pretty unique!
Um... a bird?  Looks almost like the U of L bird!

Did you know Santa is a pig?

Little Santa and his toucan.  Toucans fly in Santa's sleigh now!

Two of my boys

Love this shot!

Santa and his reindeer having a few drinks.  I hope they don't drive after!

Tons of lights


This doesn't even do it justice.  There were so many lights!