Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elijah 365 part 14

Things are quite hectic these days.  Not only do I have two under 2, but it is also the holidays.  They are truly a hectic and crazy time!  But goodness is it fun with kids!  It's all worth it. 
This week we've kept busy with holiday type things before Santa's big arrival.  We've decorated a gingerbread house, gone to see xmas lights, and sung songs around the house.  Eli is keeping festive both in his holiday outfits and when listening to mommy attempt to sing! 
Here are some updated photos!
Day 100- Dec 17- Went in for a checkup.  He's such a big boy.  In the 63rd percentile for weight alone!  

Day 101- Dec 18- MOM LOOK!  I FOUND MY HANDS!

Day 102- Dec 19- Hanging out

Day 103- Dec 20- Laughing in his 3 month photo

Day 104- Dec 21- hanging out again

Day 105- Dec 22- He is always in this chair

Day 106- Dec 23- Hanging out with big brother today.  They both like to suck on those hands apparently!