Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

This is a very late post, but better late then never!  Our Easter this year was a bit last minute, as we realized last minute that we will actually be arriving in the states on Easter this year.  So instead we hussled to have a small Easter celebration at home.  Nothing too crazy, but just a little something for Z man to be entertained by.  Here are some photos from our last minute holiday.  It was small but fun!

Egg hunt with Daddy's unit

This was the sweetest Great Dane

Some guys were playing LARP.  This was one guy's helmet! 

LARP guys (Live Action Role Playing)

Little bunny boy

He was so happy in this bouncy house

Bunny boy again

He had just learned to sit up!

I was snapping photos outside and Z was having a tantrum.  He wanted milk.  Yes he's also holding milk

Some Easter photos

Easter morning.  The easter bunny left some jelly bean eggs out for Z

Zach's easter basket.  No he didn't eat the candy

About to dye eggs!
The dye is all set

The boy's friend Hazel Mae nawing on some eggs

Just hanging out with my Gnome.  Mommy hates gnomes!

Elijah 365- Part 28

The boys have been amazing lately.  Now that Eli is sitting up, it's like a whole new world is open to him.  He is so happy.  He will sit down and play with toys for awhile now and rarely falls over.  
This week was easter.  We celebrate Dima's easter, which is on May 5th this year.  Unfortunately, we realized last minute that is the day we will be moving, so we will be who knows where then.  So very last minute we ran out to get some things to celebrate this holiday early.  Eli is a bit young to understand the holiday so he just sat around.  But don't worry- we got some adorable photos of him!  Thanks to Grandma for the adorable outfit!
Every day is something new with this boy.  He is such a happy boy and is constantly smiling!  
Day 198- March 25.  Sitting around with big brother

Day 199- March 26.  Playing in his exersaucer!

Day 200- March 27.  Yum!  Sophie the Giraffe taste yummy!

Day 201- March 28.  Morning my little truck boy!

Day 202- March 29.  Loves watching big brother splash in the tubby!

Day 203- March 30.  My adorable little easter bunny boy.  Love that smiley face!

Day 204- March 31.  Helping Big brother with his eggs during an Easter egg hunt!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

March round up

I am sitting here writing this post on April 20.  My posts have been very limited and few lately due to our move in 2 weeks.  But tonight I sit here backing up all my files on my computer.  It gets packed up the day after tomorrow and will be turned off tomorrow night.  As I was backing things up, I figured I'd post these very late photos of our happenings in the month of March!  So again, sorry this is so late.  I think this is without a doubt the hardest move we will encounter in Dima's Marine Corps career thanks to the age of the boys.  

At the park with Mommy

Eli and I at the beach

My handsome first born in the tubby

Z eating ice cream.  He loves it

Our friend Mike making us special shots for St. Patty's day!

They were pretty darn good!

Sold our table.  We've been sitting on the floor. 

Eating... Always eating

Zach was helping with the laundry

Riding on our friend's Jeep.  Zach loves it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 27

Busy.  That little four letter word does not even begin to cover the past week for the Stepanoff family.  We are so busy running around getting ready to move, doing this errand and that.  Everything is up in the air now about when we are leaving, so we have been very busy!  And to top it off, we have two adorable babies to play with!  Even with all the change, we are doing our absolute best to spend time with our wonderful boys.  And even with the craziness we have had a lot of fun this week.
The biggest news this week is that Eli is doing great at sitting up.  He is getting stronger and stronger every day.  There are occasional falls, but they are becoming far less frequent by the day.  Eli is so happy about this new development in his life, and even big brother seems happy.  Zach is constantly bringing Eli new toys to play with when Mommy asks. 
Eli has also been experimenting with new foods.  The big ones this week were purple potatoes and turkey.  He seems to love both!  Eli also got to meet the Easter bunny for the first time.  He was such a happy boy and the bunny even told us he was the happiest kid all day.   His big brother on the other hand was very scared. 
Day 191- March 18.  We sold our kitchen table today.  Here are the boys sitting down for a snack.  They have so much space to play now!

Day 192- March 19.  Eating some purple potatoes!

Day 193- March 20.  Tubby time.  Brother was tickling him!

Day 194- March 21.  Reading with Mommy.  Yes that is a christmas book!

Day 195- March 22.  Hanging out with some friends in the front yard. 

Day 196- March 23.  Sitting with the Easter Bunny

Day 197- March 24.  Matching his brother.  He loves watching everything he does. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elijah 365- part 26

As you may or may not know, things have been quite busy here.  On top of caring for two young boys, we have just learned that we are moving in a few weeks to Virginia.  Getting ready for an overseas move is stressful enough, but adding the boys into the equation doesn't make things easier.  Don't worry though, I have continued taking photos of my favorite second born son. 
Now that Eli is eating solids, he is a very happy boy.  He is really enjoying trying different things.  So far this week he's had bananas and avocados but we will be trying a few new things next week!  We look forward to expanding his palate just a bit each week! Breastmilk is still his primary source of nutrition, but he is eating about 2x a day now.  I will increase his feedings in a few months.  Of course a time change will not help!  Anyway, here are some current photos! 
Day 184- March 11.  At his 6 month checkup.  Weighing in at 16 lbs, 13 oz.  Perfectly healthy boy!

Day 185- March 12.  Playing around outside

Day 186- March 13.  Tubby time with big brother!  He loves watching him!  Zach was driving a car on Eli's head

Day 187- March 14.  Hi Mom!

Day 188- March 15.  Bedtime with Daddy!  Daddy picked out this sleeper for Zach and now it's Eli's turn

Day 189- March 16.  Getting ready for bed

Day 190- March 17.  Look who's sitting up!!!  I don't know if i'm 100% comfortable with leaving him alone sitting, but he's getting there fast! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 25

With all the craziness that has been our lives, we are a bit late posting on here these days.  Eli is continuing to keep me busy both with feedings and nap schedules.  He is very close to sitting up though, which is a huge milestone that I cannot wait to cross. 
This week he did cross a new milestone- eating solids!  At the end of this week, he was given an Avocado.  He was neither interested or disinterested.  Like all babies at their first feeding, most ended up on his shirt.  It takes practice and patience.  I am anxious for him to begin new foods in the weeks and years to come.  

Day 177- March 4.  Zach was lounging with baby brother!

Day 178- March 5.  He loves this teething toy.  No teeth yet though!

Day 179- March 6.  He's almost 6 months now!

Day 180- March 7.  On a run at the beach with Mommy!

Day 181- March 8.  Love that naked boy!

Day 182- March 9.  At the beach again with the family!

Day 183- March 10.  Trying his first taste of solids- an Avocado!  Yum!