Sunday, January 27, 2013

Elijah 365- part 19

We have been crazy busy these days.  I hardly have time for anything for myself.  Eli is keeping me busier due to his nap schedule, and Zach... well he's a toddler.  I cannot say I have much to update you all on this week.  The only bit of news in Eli's life is that he's beginning to become very interested in his surroundings.  He's very interested in his toys lately, which is a great break for Mommy! 
Day 135- Jan 21.  looking handsome on our trip to White Beach

Day 136- Jan 22.  Looking pathetic in the cabin while Mommy and Zach played outside

Day 137- Jan 23. Finally got around to snapping Eli's 4 month photo

Day 138- Jan 24.  Playing with his links. He loves them!

Day 139- Jan 25.  Watching while big brother opened presents

Day 140- Jan 26- Playing with toys again

Day 141- Jan 27.  Posing with the Elephant after brother fed him!

I'm going to the zoo!

Zach has been really interested in animals lately.  He knows all of the sounds they make and is really enjoying pointing out animals for me. So after his big boy birthday on friday, we knew just where to take him to celebrate... the zoo!
The Okinawa zoo isn't much to brag about.  It's not nearly as great as the bronx zoo or the national zoo in DC.  But Okinawa is a very small island so we can't expect much.  It is sad though, because the animals are in very small cages and don't seem to be taken care of nearly as well as in America.  It's sad to see and makes me excited to move and see the animals where we move to (San Diego Zoo??).  We were very excited still to see the animals.  Zach had a great time pointing them out and saying their sounds, even if many of the animals he was familiar with were not there!
While touring the animals, Zach even got to feed the elephants.  He was a natural at it, and I was happy he wasn't even scared.  He knew just what to do without being told!  

While walking around, I was happy to spot some cherry blossoms.  We missed seeing them this year, and I will truly miss them if we move to San Diego.  It's one of those things that we take for granted, as they only bloom for 2 weeks and are such a rare flower.  They were also in our wedding a few years ago.
The zoo had a museum for kids called the wonder museum.  I had heard great things about it and we finally got the chance to check it out.  It was perfect for Zach's age.  He had so much fun and I wish we could've spent more time there.  
seeing how he can be big in the little chair, and small in the big chair

that would be zach on the bottom left, me in the middle, and dima on the right. 

Lots to explore

Why yes we did dress him up as a monkey

On our way home, we realized we were really close to one of our favorite restaurants, Laxmi.  It's a curry restaurant that's owned by a very sweet family, who always remembers us when we come.  Dima and I both ordered and crossed our fingers Zach would eat curry.  He loved it.  He had some of my rice and chicken curry, and dima chared his naan pizza curry (it was naan covered with curry and cheese, so yummy!)  It was a pleasant surprise lunch.  It's one of those places I'm going to really miss when we move!
drinking water from a cup like a big kid and eating chicken curry!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Zach's 2nd birthday

Wow.  Has it really already been 2 years since I was first holding my big boy?  I cannot believe how fast time flies by.  He has truly made our lives special.  Constantly giving us something to laugh about, and him and his brother are without a doubt our world.  
We began our morning by opening some much awaited presents.  Zach came down to find his very own kitchen from mommy and daddy.  It was even stocked up with pots and pans, and his wonderful Oba send fruits and veggies to cook.  We even got him sushi to cook, since after all, we do live in Japan! 

Checking out all the knobs and burners

Opening his pots and pans from Mommy and Daddy

Sushi from Mom and Dad
During the day I spoiled Zach.  We played inside a bit with his new kitchen, and played on his tricycle outside a bit too.  Because so many of our friends have moved already, we decided to keep Zach's birthday low key this year.  Instead of a big mustache bash, we made a few cupcakes and invited some friends over to play and eat.  Zach loved his homemade birthday pizza and the cupcakes Mommy made.  He's a fan of this birthday thing!

All in all, it was a successful birthday.  I still cannot believe how fast these 2 years have gone by.  We both love him so much and cannot wait to see what he will make of his life.  For now, we're enjoying every minute of toddlerhood.  
Happy Birthday to my favorite firstborn son!  We love you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moldy air

For the 3+ years we've been living in this house, we have had these horrible and huge AC units in our houses.  They worked for awhile, but eventually they finally installed new ones that were better and didn't take up half the room.  They have been slowly removing the old ones from homes, and like always, we were one of the last ones to get ours taken out.  I was quite happy that they finally came, as it cleared a lot of space out of our rooms.  These were in all 3 of our bedrooms and in our living room.  The real kicker of getting these removed was seeing just how disgusting they were to begin with.  Moldy, rusted, and gross don't even begin to describe what was inside these units.  I am disgusted that i've been breathing this air in for so long.  And my children too!  Totally gross.  I cannot believe the military allows such a thing to happen after the water issues they've had in North Carolina.  It took them 3 1/2 hours to remove them, and they then finally came back and installed the fans I ordered over 3 years ago.  It was a busy day of maintenance in our house, but boy was it worth it!!

The inside!

look at all that rust!

There were spider webs in there too

This was the grossest part I think

The wall is totally gross under it

The nice guys taking another one out

Eli's room

Yep- this is my infant's bedroom

Zach's bedroom. 

Zach's room again.  My poor boy
The worst part?  After getting rid of them all there was mold.  What did they do to get rid of it?  Nothing.  They simply painted over it.  No bleach, no cleaning whatsoever.  They just painted it over.  I look forward to moving out of this moldy home someday!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend "Stay-cation"

We've been busy lately.  Very busy.  With two little ones and busy schedules, we've been exhausted beyond belief.  Dima's been working crazy hours- as always and has recently begun his EWS school along with the every day responsibilities he carries.  I have been very busy with both kids.  Eli is still waking up in the night a few times, and I think the lack of sleep is catching up to me.  It's been exhausting.  
When we heard that White beach was offering cheap deals in the month of January we knew we had to jump on it.  It's a beautiful place that neither of us had actually spent the night at.  There are campsites right on the beach and even campers there.  Then there are cabins up on the top of the hill above the beach.  With two little ones, we knew it was best to go with the cabin, and the biggest one they had at that.  We could only book one night, but got there early enough that we were able to enjoy the day there.  It was beautiful but quite windy.  In any case, they had great playgrounds for Zach (and Daddy) to play on.  

Eventually it was time to check into our cabin for the night.  The cabin was really nice.  Big enough to sleep at least 5, and with a ocean view.  Though there were currently two American ships deployed there that we had a view of.  It was perfect for us, and we hope to return with friends before we move someday.  
Our cabin

What's sad is that this is a better kitchen then we have in our house!

The view from our bedroom
We decided to lay low for a bit before heading out again to visit the beach once more.  After looking at the waves and sand, we headed in for dinner at one of the local restaurants.  Zach might have stuffed his face with the salad bar.  The kid loves salad!  That's my boy!  Next time we will come with friends and just grill outside.  In the evening, we put Eli to bed, and let Zach stay up an extra 15 minutes to watch Despicable Me.  

Daddy and I stayed up a little later and drank a bottle of wine and ate chocolate.  I never drink so the wine made me exhausted and we passed out very early!  We are definitely parents. The morning brought us a beautiful sunset- and we sat outside on the porch and watched it while eating the oatmeal we brought.  

 Breakfast brought us beautiful lighting and I ended up bringing Zach outside to get some photos.  It was not easy to get him to stay still, but I was excited to get these few anyway! 

What a great weekend getaway.  We can't wait to return again soon!