Sunday, December 30, 2012

Elijah 365- part 15

Another week- and what an exciting one at that!  This week we celebrated my very favorite holiday of all time- Christmas!  Though Elijah is a bit young to fully partake in the holiday, we still had fun.  As always, we opened our pajamas on Christmas Eve.  The boys both got to be Santa.  And even more exciting- Eli got to meet his Grandmother and Auntie for the first time on Christmas Day.  What a wonderful gift!  Both boys got spoiled, and we've had so much fun in the days following with our family!  Merry Christmas to all!
Day 107- Dec 24 Waiting for Santa in his new PJ's.  Little Santa in Training!

Day 108- Dec 25- one of his new toys!

Day 109- Dec 26- With his Babushka

Day 110- Dec 27- Monkey boy!

Day 111- Dec 28.  Family photo. 

Day 112- Dec 29.  With his Babushka again

Day 113- Dec 30.  Passed out with the Baby Whisperer!