Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stepanoff visit- Day 4 part 2

After a fun filled morning doing crafts, we were hungry.  We had heard there was a great Dim Sum place at a nearby hotel that we'd been meaning to try out so headed that way.  This hotel was one of the most beautiful hotels.  I'd passed it many times before, but this was only our first time experiencing it.  It was perfectly situated on the beach with some beautiful gardens surrounding it.  Not to mention the killer view of the beach!  Our lunch was an all you can eat Dim Sum meal with the most stunning view!  
Zach was playing with little brother as we waited for our table

The food was pretty good

Zach is definitely an Asian child.  He loves eating veggies and rice!

This church was our view during our meal
After our tummies were full we headed out to explore this beautiful hotel.  It was stunning and we had the most beautiful day.  It's days like that I'm really going to miss Okinawa!

These churches had glass windows in the back that viewed the ocean

Kisses for Mama!

Sleepy boy!

So pretty!

How beautiful.  The nice Japanese lady let us look at this pretty view!
On an overlook

My new ride...
After a beautiful walk and exploring we headed to another place i've been wanting to check out- a salt making place.  Okinawians are known for their salt.  It has great health benefits and is used to sweeten many foods here including cookies.  It was a neat little place, and Dima's sister got to make some salt to take home.

Taking a break to play.  He loves going head first!

Making salt

Not quite sure why I've got my tongue out. 

Sleepy boy on the way home. 
We got home and relaxed a bit after a busy day.  After the boys were both fed and put to bed, Dima and his Mom and Sister made their way down to Naha to go to a Russian restaurant we've visited before.  Obviously, they have had better Russian food, but the experience of going to a place in Japan is unique.  They had a nice meal and returned home to rest for good! 

What a day!  We were all exhausted after so much fun!