Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thy Masquerade of Mrs. Ann Marie

Our neighbor, Ann Marie is without a doubt the most creative person I have met.  She is one of those amazing people who can make something spectacular out of anything.  And I mean that with all honesty.  She is also quite the planner.  She has been planning this party for months now, and her months of planning paid off with a spectacular evening had by all.

The theme?  A Masquerade Werewolf hunt!

The guest of honor?  Ann Marie

The guests? All of her crazy neighbors.

We received the most beautiful invites ever a month in advance.  Ann Marie put some really fun touches on them including addressing ours to "Baron & Baroness Stepanoff"  and even including a missing finger with the date and time written in beautiful handwriting!

When we were in the states, I searched and searched for something creative to wear to this party but could not find a thing.  I had planned on pulling something together with the clothing I have at home, but got a knock on my door just a few days before the event from our friend Lisa.  Lisa had purchased a dress for the party at the thrift shop, but it didn't fit her and she broke the zipper on it.  She thought it would fit me and offered it to me.  By the words she used to describe it, it sounded perfect.  It was only when she brought it over that I realized just how perfect it was.... for an 80's prom theme party!  I can't turn down an excuse to dress up in an ugly dress of course so I was excited to put it on.


Notice the bow?  This dress just SCREAMS 80's prom, but I couldn't resist it.  It reminded me of dressing up as a grandma with Jes and video taping goofy Richard Simmons exercise videos! (don't ask... I know we were nuts).

Of course when Lisa put it on, the zipper broke, so it took quite some time to get this dress on... Dima helped, it took about 15 minutes and this is how it looked...

IMG 0529

The real surprise is the fact that it never fell apart and I didn't get pricked once!

The costumes were great... Dima dressed up too.  In the 3 years we've been married, I had yet to see him dressed up.  We have yet to spend 1 halloween together.

IMG 0463

Dima, putting on the final touches

Everyone's costumes were amazing!

IMG 0476

Steve, John, Spencer, & Joe

IMG 0472


IMG 0474

Lisa looking amazing, as always

IMG 0503

Rick & Katie were the common folk

IMG 0468

For some reason, Joe didn't dress up...

IMG 0506

Louise & Steve- the King and Queen

One of my favorite part of this evening was meeting all the wonderful new neighbors.  It was very sad to say goodbye to the Jones' and the Paynes, but we are lucky to have gotten some wonderful new friends in the hood.  I'm looking forward to many more Lester Heights parties with them all.

IMG 0505

Eric & Ashley... Yes you read that right.  I now have neighbors named Steve, Louise, Eric, and Ashley.  The irony of that is that is my family's names!  Steve is my dad, Louise- my mom, Eric- my brother, and Ashley- my legal name.  So they are somewhat of my family away from family.

Ann Marie's months of hard work was shown tonight.  I couldn't believe how beautiful the details were of this party.


IMG 0466

IMG 0485

Even the food fit this unique theme.

IMG 0477

I made the sangria.  it was amazing and was all gone by the end of the evening!

IMG 0488

I thought this was funny.  We were at a werewolf party and there were chopsticks!  Yep... we live in japan!

Because it was Ann Marie's birthday, we couldn't let her make her own birthday cake.  Louise put her creative juices together to make this masterpiece.

IMG 0498

Get it?  it's werewolves howling at the moon!  i never ended up trying one, but they looked great.

So the party was wonderful.  Though we never ended up playing the game we had planned, we all had a great time and most importantly- Ann Marie did too.

IMG 0492

Ann Marie & I