Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elijah 365- part 13

Another week!  We've kept busy with all of the things that Blitz has brought us.  We have also been at the park a lot, and of course Eli keeps me busy all the time.  The best part of this week?  Eli laughed for the first time!  What's even better is that Daddy got to see/hear it first.  When Zach was born, he was gone for the first 4 months.  He missed all these milestones.  I'm so happy that he's been able to see Elijah cross them all.  Hearing your child laugh for the first time is truly an amazing experience.  It was a wonderful start to our morning!
Day 93- Dec 10.  Going for a walk with mommy and big brother to the beach in our Dinosaur outfit!

Day 94- Dec 11- Sleepy boy!

Day 95- Dec 12.  Getting kisses from big brother!

Day 96- Dec 13.  Sweet boy in his yellow Japanese outfit!

Day 97- Dec 14.  All swaddled and ready for bed!

Day 98- Dec 15.  Bath time!

Day 99- Dec 16.  This is the Santa outfit for my first christmas 25 years ago.  I was 6 months old.  Eli is 3 months old and I couldn't button the top button.  It shows how small I was and how big he is!