Saturday, August 31, 2013

August round up

For all the photos that had no other place!
Z Step in his new fireman raincoat 
Cut my hair off!

Some more cukes

Made some cheese crackers

E Step crawls up the stairs

the dog jumped right in the tub with Z Step

Potty training started!

Went to downtown Fredericksburg

Daddy's birthday Piñata 

Z Step's potty watch.  He hasn't been wanting to wear it so mommy wears it

Farmer's market haul plus some bananas from the store and cukes from the garden

Grilled peaches

Car wash outside

Out on daddy's birthday

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Elijah 365- Part 49

Is there really only 3 weeks left of our second 365 journey?  The past month has really flown by!  Having a 1 year old will truly be bittersweet.  While I am sad to see my young baby become a toddler, I am very excited for the landmark we are about to cross.  I will be slowly weaning E Step very soon, something I am very excited about.
This week started out with Daddy Step's birthday and and included a visit from some old friends.  The weekend brought hiking, farmer's markets, and a car wash outside.  It was a great week that seemed to fly by.  E Step has enjoyed all the fun and adventure.

Day 346- Aug 19.  Out for Daddy's birthday at hibachi
Day 347- Aug 20.  Ready for some breakfast Mom!

Day 348- Aug 21.  So close to walking!
Day 349- Aug 22.  Ready to go up for bed!

Day 350- Aug 23.  Just a little something on your face there E Step
Day 351- Aug 24.  Hiking with the family.  E Step gets the best seat in the house!

Day 352- Aug 25.  Playing outside in the sprinkler while having a car wash.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elijah 365- part 48

E Step has been spoiled rotten since moving to the states.  The family is so much closer now, and have the chance to come down and love on him and his big brother.  This week was no exception to that, as his Baba and Auntie came down to visit.  We went to a winery, downtown Fredericksburg, and had loads of fun.  No walking yet, but I can tell he's getting close.  He's also learning to share, as his big brother keeps stealing all his toys!
Day 339- Aug 12.  Trying to ride the vaccumn. 
Day 340- Aug 13.  Tubby Time!

Day 341- Aug 14.  Auntie loving!
Day 342- Aug 15.  My Mama's boy!
Day 343- Aug 16.  Love those chubby cheeks!

Day 344- Aug 17.  My favorite boys and I

Day 345- Aug 18.  His favorite toy

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stepanoff Girls Visit

We recently had a visit by the Stepanoff girls here in Virginia.  It was a great trip filled with shopping, history, wine, and of course spoiled boys.  
Lots of spoiling of these boys.  Z Step was cooking something in his kitchen.  E Step was being adorable, and Z Step stole his brother's namesday gift.  
Daddy Step had a short day at work on friday, so afterwards he was able to come down to Fredericksburg with us.  We started the trip out with a visit to the site of the Battle of Fredericksburg.  It's an eerie place, knowing that more then 2,000 people lost their lives here.  But it was fascinating to say the least.  
Top- the Fredericksburg cemetery, which holds over 15,000 union soldiers.
Middle- Part of the actual wall.
Bottom- this is the foundation of the Stevenson family, a home that stood during the battle.  The owners stayed home the entire time, even while gunshots hit their home.  

Z Step and Auntie

Z Step thought these were really cool to stand on.  

The top number is the grave number, the bottom is the amount of unknown soldiers who were buried here.  There were a lot of them with 5-6 but as I walked deeper in I found some that housed more and more.  This was the most I found in one place.  It definitely made me stop in my tracks for a moment.  
After our trip, we headed into downtown Fredericksburg to walk around.  D Step and I had come downtown when we lived here 4 years ago, but didn't explore too much and I think we didn't really appreciate it too much yet.  This time we discovered some wonderful shops and restaurants.  It is the most amazing little town.  There is really something for everyone here.  From cat stores to consignment stores to wine shops to children's toys and antiques.  We spend a few hours walking around and I don't think we even discovered half of the beauty of this area.  
Z Step's new raincoat from Baba.  Adorable!

The boys at an old fashioned ice cream shop.  They only sell vanilla and chocolate.  No E Step didn't have any.  Just keys

Horse and carriage

I loved this pink door at a small boutique shop
We also celebrated D Step's birthday a few days early since we had the company.  He is obsessed with Funfetti so as always, I whipped up a batch of cupcakes for him.  They came out great and we even threw in a piñata to hit afterwards.  It was part of our summer 60, and I filled it up with some snack foods for D Step to bring to work.  Z Step loved watching him hit it!

Daddy's cupcakes
Eventually it was time to say goodbye.  Thanks for a great visit Stepanoff girls!
With Auntie.  

My wonderful family

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Elijah 365- part 47

What a week.  Mommy Step has not had the greatest week, and I'm happy to report it has not interfered with the happiness and learning of my boys.  But boy was I exhausted!  Luckily, my week started rough and ended great.  
This week was chock full of fun.  Between trips to the gym with a new friend, a family fun day with D Step's work, our FIRST babysitter, and a family hike, E Step had a great time.  
I was very nervous about leaving the boys with their first sitter this weekend, but it ended up workout out ok.  Even if I was worried the entire concert!  
E Step is still a Mama's boy, and has to be held the moment he sees me.  He's not walking yet, but is standing unsupported more and more each day.  He looks like he's surfing when he does it.  It's hilarious.  He is quite the climber lately, and I've caught him climbing on a kid table in the play room on numerous occasions.  
E Step turned 11 months old this week.  Can you believe he's almost 1?  That means that this project will be coming to an end.  Whatever will I blog about?  Don't worry.  I've got a few things up my sleeve!  
Day 332- Aug 5.  Playing Peek a boo!

Day 333- Aug 6.  Batman and his accomplice.  

Day 334- Aug 7.  Playing some music for Mommy

Day 335- Aug 8.  Tubby time fun

Day 336- Aug 9.  Developing some bad habits

Day 337- Aug 10.  On a family walk

Day 338- Aug 11.  So much fun outside!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


As a kid, our summers were jam packed with fun.  We played in the pool, went to amusement parks, and did all kinds of fun things.  But what about those rainy days?  They were usually spent either in the home lounging around, or out at the movies.  We would usually bring food with us and do a "double feature" (or even a quadruple feature once!) where we would sneak into another theatre.  
Today was a rainy saturday.  The morning had started out great, but quickly took a turn to being a rainy day.  We were stumped on finding something fun to do.  I quickly glanced over at our "Sixty Steps to Summer Fun" board hanging in our kitchen and knew just what we could do- go on a mother son date to the movies!  
Z Step had never been to the movies, I was trying to put it off as long as I could to ensure it would be a good trip.  I didn't want to have to spend the money on a movie (wow matinees are 9 dollars now?!) and have to leave early because of a fussy toddler.  
I figured 2 1/2 was a long shot, considering Z Step doesn't really watch too much tv at home.  The only movie he had ever sat through was "Despicable Me" and I think it was because he liked the minions.  Well guess what movie came out this summer?  "Despicable Me 2."  I had purposely waited a few weeks after it came out, to ensure the theatre wouldn't be packed.  
So we loaded up my purse with snacks galore and headed to the movies on a date.  My date dressed for the occasion- in a minion shirt and even held my hand most of the date.  Unfortunately, he didn't pay for my ticket, which I was a bit offended by, but hey he looked great and I couldn't complain.  We got popcorn because I knew it would be a good distraction and went into the theatre.  

I quickly realized Z Step was too young for the seats when he tried to sit in them and they didn't stay down.  Whoops.  But eventually we got the seating right and he quickly went to munching popcorn.  The movie started and he was quickly distracted by the minions and Gru.  He was great and the popcorn proved to be a great distraction.  He ate through all the popcorn and all of the snacks in my purse and got a bit bored at the end.  He sat on my lap through some of it, but when he got in the seat next to me he fell through and got stuck in the seat.  I had to take his shoes off and pull his legs out.  Next time I will get a booster.  
All in all, it was a great date.  A great movie too.  We sure do love those minions!