Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stepanoff Visit- day 4 part 1

Three years in Okinawa now, and we've only just been to this place for the first time?  Today we went to an Okinawian craft village.  It was so much fun and they had everything from Bingata to tea making to kaleidoscope making!  We had so much fun and truly could have spent the entire day there.  I look forward to returning before we move!
 We started out by making brown sugar.  It was neat to see the process the Okinawians use to make it.  This brown sugar is not like we are used to in America.  I think it has a milder flavor and instead of small pieces it is hardened and then broken into pieces.  It almost reminds me of brittle!  It was neat to see it made. 

In the Brown Sugar village

Sugar cane before being pressed through a machine

Heating the sugar.  It smelled amazing

Stirring stirring stirring

Whisking the sugar
Next was a tea place where we were able to sample and make our own tea.  It was really neat and we all really enjoyed it.  We even got to bring Stevia leaves home!  As you can see, even the littlest of the clan enjoyed his time.  

Mixing our leaves

All the choices

Z sampling the hibiscus tea

 Next up was a mid morning snack- Okinawian donuts!  Made by your's truly- Dima and his sister!
This guy was so sweet.  He just loved the boys!

About to make some donuts!

The dough ready for frying

We wrapped up by doing some Bingata and making a sea glass lamp!

We then walked around to take in some of the sites a bit.  They had horseback riding and Zach kept saying, "Neigh" as they galloped past, but was not a fan of being so far away.  We loved this beautiful place.  I would like to bring the boys here some day to take some photos when Eli learns to sit up!  


Silly boy

I love that boy!
And so ended our morning.  We were ready for what was next!