Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Military Christmas Spirit!

Since we are all so far away from our families, Christmas can be a bit sad at times.  We are very lucky, that the Military community is so strong.  Santa comes, and the USO puts on all sorts of exciting holiday festivities.  This year, we were excited to get to take part, as Zach is now old enough to enjoy it.  
This weekend was a rainy weekend, so we needed to get out of the house.  The boys and I headed to the PX to have our christmas cards printed first.  While we waited the 1 hour, we walked around.  There was so much going on.  When we first walked into the PX, there was a big band there playing Christmas music.  We sat there watching for 3 songs.  Zach didn't dance, but he did enjoy watching.  Nothing like a band of Japanese kids to get you in the Christmas spirit!  
The big event this weekend was Tinsel Town, a holiday celebration the USO puts on every year for the troops and their families.  There are vendors, santa, and christmas crafts for everyone!  We were very excited though, because the biggest event was that Trace Adkins was coming!  We have seen him before, but as you know, country concerts are kind of our thing.  It is how Dima and i started out our relationship, and we really enjoy going.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find a sitter for both boys.  The plan was to keep them up a little later to listen to an hour of the concert, but it ended up pouring outside and it wasn't wise to bring two children.  Such is the life as a parent!  Oh well!  We still had fun at Tinsel Town, even if we couldn't stay!

Working on his letter to Santa!

Dear Santa- please bring hair!

He got a Santa Whistle!