Friday, December 28, 2012

Stepanoff clan day 3

Today was yet another rainy day in Japan.  I've gotten quite used to the rain at this point, and we haven't even entered the rainy season yet.  Though we're hoping to move back to Virginia, part of me wants to go to San Diego just to escape some of the rain!  This morning was very rainy, but it cleared up a bit this afternoon enough to get outside a bit.  
We started out with a new restaurant- PizzaKaya that we'd been hearing much about.  Being from the New York area, we were spoiled all our lives with good pizza.  When we moved here we quickly realized just how hard it would be to find decent pizza.  Japanese pizza is not even close to the same.  We once did find a pizza that was ok- but it was Italian pizza, not American style.  So we were very excited to hear that an American pizza place opened just down the road.  Even better- it was owned by Americans!  We all got lunch sets (though I got an avocado salad- which was amazing) and were very happy with our orders.  No, it doesn't beat New York pizza.  Far from.  But this is the best American pizza we've had on the island so far.  FINALLY!

 After pizza it was again nap time for Zach.  After nap time, we wanted to get out of the house again.  I was pretty busy with Eli so decided to stay back and get him to nap a bit.  The rest of the family went out to visit a Japanese shrine.  This is a very popular location in the new year, but was quite quiet since it was still 2012!  They had fun taking in the sites of the Futenma shrine!
Washing their hands (you wash your hands and mouth before entering)

small world!

all of the wishes

The evening was ended with a homemade meal- Salmon, broccoli, quinoa, and salad!  And a movie!