Sunday, June 30, 2013

Elijah 365 part 41

This week was a very regular week.  What a relief.  We've need regularity.  We started the week out with my birthday and ended with a trip into DC to see the natural history museum.  Eli wants to move move move and the museum reminded me of that.  He doesn't want to sit still in the baby carrier for long, so we had to duck outside to play awhile.  He's one mobile boy!
Day 290- June 24.  Two adorable boys in a crib...

Day 291- June 25. Happy birthday Mommy!  We got to meet Elmo today!

Day 292- June 26.  Tubby time!

Day 293- June 27.  Breakfast for champions

Day 294- June 28.  He loves the water

Day 295- June 29

Day 296- June 30.  Playing outside at the National Mall.

DC visit- Natural History Museum

DC is one of my favorite cities only after Charleston and Tokyo that is.  When we lived here 4 years ago, we were in DC almost every weekend.  We loved touring the National Mall, and going out for drinks in Georgetown.  It really was the best place to spend our first year together.  Now that we have gotten older and had kids, going into DC is just not what it  used to be.  We now have two littles who get bored easily, so heading into the city is not quite as easy.  But alas, we do it anyway because we love the city and have family come visit.  
This weekend, Daddy Step's cousin, was visiting with his daughter.  They wanted to head to the natural history museum, which is one of the ones that is fairly kid friendly.  We packed our lunches and headed up north.  
When we got there, we had some time to kill, so we walked around outside the art museum.  Z Step needed to get some energy out, and E Step was napping in his baby carrier.  We got to see a water fountain and some modern sculptures outdoors.  We really don't understand modern art.  I couldn't tell what any of them were supposed to be.  We then played a bit outside before heading into the museum.  
E Step and I looking at the fountain.  He thought this was pretty cool

Daddy Step and Z Step looking up at the fountain

Z Step thought this was so cool.  I think he wanted to swim

I don't get it.  A guy doing a potato sack race?  I'm sorry, but I just don't get modern art.  

E Step loved standing against this tree!

Z Step playing hide and go seek with E Step
After parking the car, we headed into the museum.  I had to duck out a few times to feed E Step, but got to skim bits and pieces.  It was a summer weekend and it was absolutely crazy of tourists.
Lots of Dinosaurs and fossils.  

Daddy Step's birth stone.  I'll take one of each please...
After a picnic on the National Mall's lawn, we headed home in order to hit up the grocery and prep for the week ahead.  It was a nice quick trip into the city for some fun.  Looking forward to doing it again.
The White House from afar.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Mama!

Once I hit 21, birthdays haven't been a huge deal to me.  Having just moved from Japan, this birthday was one of the last ones on my mind.  The past few birthdays have been quite un-eventful to say the least.  Daddy Step and I have only spent a few together in the past 5 years and we were very excited that this year we would be together.  I didn't expect much thanks to the craziness our lives have been lately, but it ended being a wonderful birthday.  
The morning was spent having breakfast with my boys while Daddy Step was at work for a few hours. Once he got home I was surprised with two birthday cards.  One from my boys with lots of love for Mommy.  The other was from Daddy Step with my birthday gift- tickets to see Trace Atkins in Fredericksburg in August!  We've gone 4 years without country concerts- and they are our favorite kind of date.  Our relationship all started with a trip to a Brooks and Dunn/Alan Jackson Concert years ago.  Thanks love for a wonderful gift.  Can't wait to go!
We then headed to Fredericksburg to go to a summer fun event going on.  We got to meet two famous guys.  Who did we meet?  Buzz Lightyear and Elmo!  Now that's a birthday if you ask me.  Z Step got to dance with Buzz for a second and eat lots of popcorn.  
All he wanted was that popcorn.  Sorry Buzz.  He's more of a Woody fan anyway

After all the fun, we headed home to play.  Z Step got to play in the sprinkler while Mommy and Daddy prepped Dinner.  

He loved playing in the sprinkler!  We have a special one on the way- can't wait for it to come!
 For dinner, I picked a recipe I found online for salmon kebabs.  Two things I love the most- Salmon and a grill.  
We don't have our wine glasses from Oki yet so I was drinking my wine with a kid's cup.  I threw  some frozen strawberries and grapes in it to keep it cold and to eat afterwards.  

I didn't need a cake but Z Step kept asking me for one.  He helped sing and blow the candles out.  Thanks Z!

Salmon kebabs with a spring mix salad with tomatoes and mozzarella.  Perfect birthday dinner!  
Thanks for a wonderful birthday, Daddy Step!  And my boys.  Love you guys!

Sixty Steps of Summer Fun Checkoff:

Elijah 365 part 40

We have had a very long  and busy week.  For starters we began our new membership at the local gym.  If there's one thing Mommy needs- it's a daily trip to the gym.  Eli is now at an age where I can somewhat gauge his nap schedules and I feel comfortable leaving him for a short amount of time.  The gym is in town, and has a huge play area for the kids.  There is an entire baby area with swings, jumperoos, and toys galore.  And a huge play place for Zach to play on.  What a relief to know I can have my mommy time again.  I'm a better mom when I can get some kind of workout in.  Eli is adjusting fairly well for his first week.  
Eli's 2nd top tooth has finally stuck through his gums.  Now hopefully it won't look like we decked him and knocked his other front tooth out!  
Our little man is busy watching and playing all day.  And I am very happy that he's finally FINALLY fallen into a somewhat dependable sleep schedule.  I can finally feel comfortable leaving the house for an hour or two alone and be ok.  
We also met some new friends this week.  Their kids are all the same ages as ours (In fact Zach is just an hour or two younger then one of the boys) and their girls are very close in age to Eli.  
And so... the photos!
Day 283- June 17.  Can you guess what Eli is doing here?  Funniest photo

Day 284- June 18.  Look at his new teeth!

Day 285- June 19.  Trying to walk.  Big brother was very upset he was playing with this toy.  

Day 286- June 20.  Yummy breakfast with Mommy

Day 287- June 21.  Playing with Daddy.  

Day 288- June 22.  Love this little chubster!  

Day 289- June 23.  Went to a local trail for a hike with the dog.  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Locust Shade Park & Government Island

We are finally feeling a bit more at home.  On one side of things, we are missing our things that are not here yet.  On the other- we are simply twiddling our thumbs waiting for them to arrive.  We have definitely realized over these past 2 1/2 months just how little we need those things.  We have the absolute basics right now and that's it.  Nothing fancy and that's just fine.  My house is a bit of a mess without any kind of organization and two boys, and we have zilch on the walls, but hey- none of that is important.  We are realizing just how much more there is to life besides those things. 
This weekend started out with a trip to a local park with some new friends.  I'm very excited to meet some new people, because Zach is beginning to get to the age where I want him to play with others.  He's quite shy still, and it seems that every time we are around others he decides he doesn't want to stop eating.  We all brought food and had a nice bbq/picnic at the park by the playground.  It was all wooded, and I realized we haven't yet bought bug spray.  Looks like we're adding that to our long list of things to buy!  We will have to make it back again and plan a bit better.  
At home after our trip to the park
The day after our picnic, we decided to get out again. It was last minute, but we had time to kill before starting dinner and I suggested a walk around the block.  Dima wanted to check out a local park and it turns out it's only 2 miles from our house.  
Government Island is a scenic heritage trail and also on the National Registrar of Historic Places.  It is a historic 18th and 19th century quarry site.  It provided Aquia sandstone used to build the white house and the capitol building.  It had beautiful views, and a 1.5 mile hiking trail.  There were creeks (with rope swings!) and lots of people fishing.  There was a long bridge along the way that overlooked Aquia Harbor just a ways out.  And this was all just outside our home!  
The boys ready to go hiking

This is where they got some of the quarry.  

It was muggy out because it had just rained.  And yes that's our dog's butt

This is Aquia Harbor.  There are some wonderful hold homes out there

We really live in a wonderful place.  The military may have it's downs, but we have gotten to see some truly amazing things in our travels.  Being right outside our nation's capitol is a great experience.  I can't wait to see what else lies just around us.  

This crosses two things off our Sixty Steps of Summer Fun list:

Visit a new Park
Visit a new Park

Friday, June 21, 2013

60 Steps of Summer Fun- Part 2!

For those of you following our blog for the past year, you may remember last year's challenge.  For those of you new to us, let me bring you up to speed.  

Last year was our final summer with one baby.  I wanted to make it fun and exciting so I set a goal for our family to cross off during the summer.  I hate the thought of missing out on all the fun things summer has to offer, so by making this list we were able to have a great fun summer.  Though Z Step was a bit young for lots of it, we still had a great time crossing items off our list.  There were about 5 that we didn't finish, but those were all for reasons beyond our control.  

This summer is a bit different.  We now have 2 little ones to entertain, and are still settling into life in America.  So our list is a bit different.  There are many things on this list that will be much easier to cross off.  Lots of books and activities to accomplish!  but what's summer without some education?  With a 2 year old who is constantly developing- we have to keep that little mind sharp!  And for E Step?  Don't worry- we will incorporate him into as much of these activities as we can!  

2013 Summer Sixty

Read 2150 minutes
Make chilled watermelon soup
Make edible jewelry
Go to a baseball game
Make beaded jewelry for some special ladies
Make a bird feeder
Make a sun catcher
Watch a Christmas movie
Have a nature scavenger hunt
Sesame place
Go on a rope swing
Visit a children's museum
Car wash
Go to a country concert
Go to story time
Go to story time
Go to story time
Go to story time
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Read 5 little speckled frogs
Read Goodnight Gorilla
Read Peek a who?
Read If you give a mouse a cookie
Bake cookies
Read Llama red pajama
Read Bubble trouble
Read 10 minutes until bedtime
Read babysitter for Billy bear
Read 5 little monkeys
Read Prince of the Potty
Go to a carnival/fair
Make strawberry lemon popsicles
Water balloon fight
Make an indoor obstacle course
Game night
Be a super hero for a day
Mini golf
Make something pina colada flavored
Freeze summer herbs for the winter
Grill pizzas
Grill peaches
Run the color run
Go for a hike
Mother-Son date
Build something
Go geocaching
Make a Jello sensory bin
Glow in the dark bath
Donate to goodwill

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elijah 365 part 39

What a fun week we had!  Eli is now 9 months old, and had never met his grandmother (oba) until now.  Just one of the downsides of living overseas for almost 4 years.  We are so happy to be back in America now, so that he can see his family again. (Even if it does look like we are moving far again)
Up until now, all Eli has seen of his Oba was her face through a computer screen.  Even though he got excited every time he saw her (when he wasn't too busy eating) he enjoyed being hugged and kissed by her even more.  He loves all the love and attention Oba and Tomo have given him.  He is spoiled rotten with diaper changes, spoon feeding, and tubbies!  We even got out to the park at the Marine Corps museum.  (I'm feeling like this is a place we will be spending a lot of time!  
Eli also had his 9 month appointment this week.  Luckily, he had no shots, and we were happy to hear that he is developing perfectly.  Doctor was pleased to hear that he is still being nursed (and I plan to continue until at least his first birthday) and that he gets homemade organic baby food.  His height and weight were still on the lower end of things, but at least he's on the charts.  Someday those chunky thighs will catch up to him! 
Day 275- June 10.  Swinging at the Marine Corps Museum playground with Oba and big brother

Day 276- June 11.  Playing on the couch with his Oba.

Day 277- June 12.  Eating some sweet potatoes and chicken!

Day 278- June 13.  19 pounds and 27 inches tall.  He's gained 13 pounds since he was born.  

Day 279- June 14.  Celebrating Mommy's birthday early.  He's covered in broccoli, not cake though.  He loved watching us blow these!

Day 280- June 15.  Saying "see ya" to Oba and Tomo!

Day 281- June 16.  This kid is so hard to change for bed.  All he wants to do is crawl away and stand on this air mattress.  (I really miss my nursing chair!)

Happy Father's Day!

We recently celebrated father's day.  We are so lucky to have the wonderful fathers in our lives.  My Dad is a great man that did/does a great job with both my brother and I.  My father in law raised my hubby to be the amazing man that he's become.  And of course, Dima is an amazing husband and father to my boys.  I couldn't have asked for a better father for them.  They both love him so much and he's a very responsible person with them.  He may not even realize the little things he does, but I notice all the things he does to shape my boys into the men they will someday be.  
We didn't have anything planned for this father's day, because we're still settling into our new home and don't have our things.  Our last minute plans ended up being a wonderful day though.  

Our first stop was to get Zach a pair of minion pajamas.  He is obsessed with minions and as soon as we saw them we knew he had to have them!  
We love the minions
We next stopped at Home Depot to get Daddy his father's day gift.  We had seen they had a great 4 burner grill on sale, and we are going crazy without a grill right now.  We really love grilling- and Dima is great on the grill!  So off we went.  They happened to be having a father's day celebration going on so we were even able to get a photo of Zach and Daddy playing.  

Zach had fun playing with this lawn mower
After our trip we headed to a local crab shack to get some lunch.  I rarely drink, but figured it was a special day and we both got drinks.  I got a long island, Dima a drink with rum in it.  We even got to keep the tiki glass!  

After our meal, we headed home and spent the evening setting up the grill.  Bring on the yummy dinners!  

Happy Father's day to the wonderful dads!