Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elijah 365- part 11

It seems that we're falling into a rhythm these days.  Eli is settling into more of a predicted routine.  He's not much for naps unless he's held, which we're working on.  But luckily, he is a great sleeper.  He's in bed at 7pm and sleeps until 7am with only a few wakings in between.  Usually his first stretch is the longest ranging from waking up anywhere from 12am-3am.  That's usually the time I am able to get things done, which unfortunately means I'm not getting into bed until 10-11pm (much later then I'd like).  I suppose I should count my blessings, as I know many people who have babies who don't sleep nearly as well.  I just wish he'd sleep in his crib during the day so I could get a few things done!  Granted, he's only 2 months old still, so hopefully that will come eventually.
Eli is cracking me up with all the smiling and cooing he's been doing.  I think he will be laughing any day now!
Here's the photos:
Day 79- Nov 26.  Silly chubby faces

Day 80- Nov 27.  Big brother helped change a diaper.  We are working on potty training Zach, so he was naked!

Day 81- Nov 28.  A bubble bath.  I tried to make him look like Santa!

Day 82- Nov 29.  Hanging out with Big Brother

Day 83- Nov 30.  Not quite sure about this tree...

Day 84- Dec 1.  He's really starting to love his Zen chair!

Day 85- Dec 2.  Hanging with Daddy