Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

It's here!  Christmas Day!  And guess who came?  SANTA CAME! And boy he was good to us!  Apparently these boys were very well behaved this year.  Zach proved Santa right I believe.  Though he kept me busy all year, he was a very well behaved toddler all year.  I'm quite lucky to have such a well behaved boy.  Eli was good too, but of course he only had 3 months to prove himself to Santa. 
We awoke to see that Santa had eaten a lot of his cookies. We also saw that the reindeer had eaten the reindeer food we threw outside. (ok, Neko ate it...) Santa really did come!  And the presents under the tree really proved Santa's arrival.  Wow!  And how creative is Santa?  He even used photos from the year as labels for our gifts this year!  I loved reminiscing on the wonderful year we've had in 2012!

We had a light breakfast, knowing we were going to have a heavy brunch later.  Of course before breakfast could happen, someone snuck some bites of Santa's leftover cookies!  We also decided we would open our stockings before our guests arrived.  Zach got some really cool stuff.  

Warming our butts by the fire!
Lots of neat stuff
Reachhhhh in!
And then our guests arrived!  We are so happy they were here to open presents with us.  The boys weren't really into present opening- as they are a big young still.  But Zach still did help us rip it!
Opening with his Auntie

Zach was reverse planking on his present!

Dog treats.  Those are for the doggie Zach!


Clothes for a handsome man!

Santa's pooped already!

Eli even got toys

Opening a present form his Uncle Ric

This was the most popular toy with Zach.  Uncle Fedya got him this Mickey that break dances!  He's so funny!

Someone's exhausted
We then spent the day playing with our new toys.  There sure was enough of them!  Our evening was spent with our friends.  We had a wonderful dinner with friends and Dima even made his famous grilled Turkey for his Mom and Sister to try.  I think this one came out to be the best one yet.  We even used my homemade Turkey stock from our Thanksgiving turkey.  We had a great dinner, and busted out some Just Dance 4 afterwards. (Thanks Ric!)  I was amazed that they had the time warp song on it.  Of course- Joe and I had to dance to it!  We had so much fun.  

Our final Christmas in Okinawa was a wonderful and fun day.  We've had 3 amazing Christmas day's here now.  Though I look forward to having a Christmas Day in the states someday, I will really miss it here.