Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Drunken Elf named Blitz!

Our new Elf on a Shelf came out on December 1st.  His name is Blitz, because he's a bit of an alcoholic.  Luckily, he doesn't let that get into his work too badly.  Each morning he is in a different location in our home.  He also brings a new activity for the kids or us to do each time he moves.  Saturday morning, he asked us to visit Santa and get our photos taken.  Because the line was so long at Tinsel Town, we had to put it off.  On Sunday morning, Blitz was there with a note from Santa apologizing and asking them to try again.  He also asked Zach to buy Mommy and Daddy a new Coffee maker as an early Christmas present.  Our old Keurig had just bit the dust.  What a nice Elf!  I'm beginning to like our drunk Elf!
Here's what he was up to this week:
Blitz welcomed the boys and explained that he was going to bring some activities for the boys to do each day!  First up- visit Santa!

After a failed attempt he asked the boys to visit Santa again.  Which was another fail!  But he did ask them to by Mom and Dad a coffee maker, which was done!

As an apology, Santa sent the boys some reindeer cookies baked by Mrs. Claus.  His agent mixed up some appointments so he wasn't able to get photos taken.  He's a busy man this time of year!

Blitz asked the boys to take a bubble bath. 
Zach was not very fond of the bubbles.  What kid hates bubble baths?  He was confused. 

Blitz asked the boys to write to Santa.  We all wrote to him with our wishlists!