Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another farewell

In the almost 3 years we've lived in Okinawa, we've said goodbye to many of our best friends.  We are at the point now where we've said goodbye to almost all of our best friends- many of which have gotten here after us!  It's sad, but it's a part of military life.  Boy do I wish we knew when and where we were moving right about now!  
This weekend we threw a going away party for our friends, the Blenkush family.  Jon and Alicia are a dual military couple who are both stationed on Kadena.  In their 3 years here, they have barely spent much time together, let alone time in their house!  They have both deployed many times and have been sent on mission after mission.  Unfortunately in our three years here, we haven't gotten to spend as much time with them as we would have liked, because they were never home!  But now, Alicia is out processing from the Air Force, and they are packing out for their new duty station in Oklahoma.  We have been very lucky to have gotten to spent a lot of time with them both in the past few weeks before they fly out! 
Since it's the fall, an "Oktoberfest" type party was in order.  Grilled Turkey, smoked turkey legs, homemade pretzels, and lots of yummy foods awaited us, along with a few friends and a bon fire!  We had so much fun celebrating fall and fair-welling our great friends.  We are going to miss them so much!  Can't wait to see you guys again!  
Ann Marie Made this cute sign!

Mummies in a Blanket!

These were some of the yummiest fluffiest homemade pretzels!  Awesome!

I made this pumpkin hummus/veggie tray!

Ford was working on this thing for about 2 hours!

Stealing food

My little woodstock and I

He never stopped eating!

A horse, hanging out... drinking a beer!

Best costume ever!

This party knocks off one of our fall fun five!  
Fall Feast!