Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elijah 365 part 10

Another week has come and gone, quite quickly I may add.  This week was thanksgiving- one of my favorite holidays.  Not only did we get to eat yummy food, but we got to spend time together as a family.  Eli got spoiled being carried by mommy, daddy, and some friends.  Of course, he was still as fussy as possible!  I'm just waiting for this colic to pass!  Mornings seem to be the worst!  Here's to hoping!  
Here are some photos of Eli from our week!
Day 71- Nov 19.  Hanging in his big boy chair

Day 72- Nov 20.  Feeling patriotic today while big brother hangs with me!

Day 74- Nov 21- In that comfy chair again!

Day 75- Nov 22.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Eli was sporting one of Zach's old outfits to celebrate.  Love the owl!

Day 76- Nov 23.  Hanging with Daddy for his morning coffee

Day 77- Nov 24.  Hanging with his silly big brother while Mommy snapped some christmas photos.  (no this is not our chrismtas card photo!)

Day 78- Nov 25.  Laughing in Daddy's arms!