Wednesday, November 14, 2012

soda pop cars

We've all seen and heard of the science experiment involving soda and mentos.  Put some mentos into a 2 liter bottle of coke and it'll explode.  While this further proves how awful it is to consume beverages like soda (Drinking a science experiment is not my idea of healthy) I'm glad soda is around so we can watch this kind of reaction.  
Our neighbor turned 7 this weekend.  For his birthday, he had a small football party.  We were able to stop by for a little bit, and brought this neat gift we found.  It was a soda bottle car in which to do this mentos experiment with.  It was perfect.  Educational, and fun for any boy to watch.  Heck, it was fun for me to watch!  
Unfortunately, they do not sell 2 liter sodas here.  They have tried to ship them here from America, but they exploded in the trip over.  The experiment works best with this size bottle.  Instead, we used 1 liter bottles, which still gave us somewhat of a neat experiment.  It would have been cool to see it with the bigger bottle, but you gotta do what you gotta do here.  We had fun anyway.  I learned that doing the experiment with a diet soda produces a bigger explosion because there is artificial sugars in them! 
The boys setting it up

Adding the mentos

Goofy Joe face

Joey drinking the soda after the explosion

This one fizzed the most