Thursday, November 8, 2012

Walking a goat?

If there's one thing that I wish my kids could get to experience it's time with their family.  We are over 7,000 miles from home and just don't get the luxury of seeing them often.  Both of my kids were born here, and didn't get to meet their grandparents right away.  It's hard because I want them to have happy memories with their family. Thank goodness for Skype!  
Luckily, my Dad happened to be traveling for business right now.  He traveled to Korea, just a hop from here!  So he was able to fly down here to Okinawa and spend time with us.  And meet his grandson, Eli for the first time!  This was only the 4th time he's ever gotten to see Zach, and he's almost 2 now!  
He flew in on saturday afternoon, giving us time to get out of the house in the afternoon.  One of the things on my "pre move" Okinawa bucket list (move- ha!  That's if we ever move!) was to visit Bios on the hill.  It's a nature park/ petting zoo that i've been dying to bring Zach.  It proved to be worth the wait.  There were beautiful orchids, water buffalo rides, pigs, trails, and our favorite- goats!  We got to walk a goat.  Now how many people can say they've done that? They just had random goats tied up that you could just grab and bring for a walk!  It was too funny.  We had a great time walking around, enjoying the weather, and walking our goat.  
Playing on a caboose

see sawing with Daddy

Water buffalo rides

Daddy and our goat

He kept saying, "neko! neko!"  (that's the dog's name)

I believe he was asking him to sit

This goat would not stop eating the grass.  Forget lawn mowers! Everyone needs a goat!

Checking out the goat

on a giant swing with Daddy

Love those boys!

We walked down these stairs for a long walk

The pond on our walk

It was a really cool walk

With Grandpa

We walked through a long maze.  It ended up getting us all itchy!

Orchids at the entrance

Love these!

The orange are really pretty!

That would be my husband...

Swinging with Grandpa!