Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elijah 365- Part 8

Eight weeks have come and gone in Eli's life already.  I know I say that every week, but seriously time sure does fly!  Of course I'm so busy these days I can barely keep up!  
At the beginning of this week, my dad was still visiting us.  We had a great trip and are so lucky to have spent time with family.  I don't know when Eli will get to meet the rest of his family for the first time.  Zach was 7 months when he first met his family!  
We have run into a dilemma.  Eli, like his big brother- HATES the car!  He hates his carseat, hates not being held, hates everything associated with the car.  I can't get out of the house alone anymore.  I've tried everything, and he screams whenever I put him down.  I use the baby carrier constantly both around the house and out in general.  Zach was the same.  It is not easy, but nothing about parenthood is easy.  But it's worth it.  
At the beginning of this week, Eli gave us the joy of his first smile.  There is nothing better then watching your child cross his or her milestones during the first year.  Eli surprised me, because he did it much earlier then Zach.  It was a wonderful surprise.  I've tried to get a photo, but no luck yet.  
Here's some photos of Eli's 8th week!
Day 57- Nov 5.  Getting some living from Grandpa Steve.  Unfortunately, he doesn't like to calm down for anyone but me

Day 58- Nov 6.  Good morning!

Day 59- Nov 7- Naps are over-rated.  (NOT true!)

Day 60- Nov 8.  Hanging out with Daddy and Zach

Day 61- Nov 9.  He looks like an inchworm in his swaddle with Daddy!

Day 62- Nov 10.  I'm 2 weeks old today!

Day 63- Nov 11.  At our friend Logan's birthday party!  Eli was in the party mood!