Monday, November 19, 2012

A "Smart" ROAK!

Awhile ago, you may have noted that I mentioned that I love doing nice things for others.  It's a wonderful gesture, and something that I want my children to learn from me.  In a world where people want want want, I want my children to learn to give give give!  So I created a little challenge for myself- incorporate some Random Acts of Kindness (ROAK) into our days. 
Today, the boys and I went for a long walk.  Before leaving, we decided to pack up a random act of kindness.  The plan was to leave money on a vending machine for someone to get a free drink.  I packed up $1.50 in quarters and headed out.  When we got to the shopette, we realized they did not have any American vending machines.  They only had a Japanese one, and I didn't have any yen on me.  Instead, we decided to head inside and leave our ROAK by some drinks there.  This actually worked out better, as the bottles of water happened to be $1.50 exactly!  This way, I can not only be kind, but I encouraged someone to buy water and not soda!  We taped our little baggie to the price tag of the water bottles, and left the store.  We don't know who grabbed it or when, but just knowing that we made someone's day is enough for us.  
I look forward to spreading the kindness in the future.  I hope you all can join me in the mission to be kind!