Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday USMC

Every November, Marines far and wide don their dress blues in celebration of their birthday.  They are told "Happy Birthday" by both Marines, Civilians, and those of other branches of the service.  It is a big event in history, one that is celebrated every year.  
Just how does a Marine celebrate?  By throwing a Marine Corps Ball.  
The Marine Corps ball is a tradition that's been going on for years now.  Balls are held all across the world, even here in Japan.  It's the event Marines wait for all year.
Now having spent over 4 years with the Marine Corps, we've been to a few balls.  Last year, we had a great time because our best friends joined us.  This year though, they had moved.  
Dima's ball was very early this year.  Just having had a baby, I decided to not attend.  There are few people I would trust with Eli at this point, not to mention I don't feel like dressing up right now.  Skipping out seemed to be the best plan this year.  Dima still attended though, and he took along his camera so I could share these photos with friends and family.  Dima was in the ceremony this year, so I was excited to see these photos.  Looks like it was a good night.  And don't worry Dima, I'll join you next year!  
Dima and Eli ready to go

Zach didn't want to join the photos

Future Marine?

My favorite three boys!

I love this one of Zach!

Happy Birthday Marines!  
Semper Fi!