Thursday, November 8, 2012

pineapples and noodles

With two kids under 2, it's hard to plan long trips from the house.  Luckily, my dad fully understands this (having had 2 under two for awhile himself,  my brother and I are even closer in age then my boys) and just wanted to spend time with the family.  
This morning, we started our day out with a brunch to say farewell to our awesome friends, the Blenkush family.  We were really sad to see our great friends leave, we've had a lot of fun hanging out with them in the past few weeks.  They asked a bunch of their friends to come to brunch on Kadena with them to say goodbye.  It was a fantastic brunch, with everything from an omlette station to crab legs to desserts.  We all got our money's worth.  Especially Zach, who ate about 20 dollars worth of apples along with pancakes, fruit, and veggies.  My kid is a pig.  
Next we went up north to the pineapple park, where my dad asked to go.  We went a few years ago when he visited and he bought some pineapple vinegar that he wanted more of.  The place is as cheesy as they get, but the samples are pretty cool.  Everything from pineapple wine to pineapple chocolate to even pickled ginger pineapple.  We went on the cheesy pineapple ride first and learned that the word pineapple comes from the words "pine" and "apple."  Yeah, it's quite an interesting ride.  
Zach driving our pineapple cart

Mini ornamental pineapples

After pineapple park, we headed home so the boys could nap.  We hung around the house for awhile, before finally going out to eat at a noodle place i've been meaning to try.  It was basically noodles in a broth, but you could add things like tempura to it.  It was very cheap and really yummy!  I can't believe it's taken us this long to go!  We will be returning again!  Zach loved it.  Then again he's a toddler who loves noodles!
He was eating like such a big boy

We are working on using a fork

Then again, it's easier to eat with our hands

Noodles with broth and shrimp and vegetable tempura

What a great day we had!