Monday, November 26, 2012

A family to be thankful for

 Thanksgiving is a time of year for you to gather with those you love and reflect on what you are thankful for.  Usually, you spend this time thinking about just how lucky you are to have that family.  This is our third year in Japan for thanksgiving.   I've heard before that "You have two families.  Those you are born into, and those who become your family."  Though the families we were born into could not spend another thanksgiving with us, we are grateful for the wonderful family we have here.  We have spent the past 3 thanksgivings with completely different groups of people that are like our second family.  This year, we spent it with our friends, the Snyders.  
And what's a thanksgiving without a grilled turkey?  Yep.  Once again, Dima grilled our turkey.  It has become a tradition now, and I will never allow him to make it any other way.  A roasted or even deep fried turkey is nothing compared to the juicy grilled turkey that Dima makes.  It's made with fresh herbs and citrus and topped with a white wine gravy.  Does it get any better then that?  Yes!  It does!  Because this year, Dima decided to also grill a stuffed turkey breast topped with turkey bacon.  Us girls took over all the sides.  Angie made a LOT.  She made spinach dip, a while ham, rolls, mashed potatoes, candied yams, pumpkin pie, 2 pies, stuffing, and a fruit salad.  She is quite a cook, and Dima was really looking forward to her pumpkin pie, as she makes a mean one!  I planned on making a lot, but leave it to our commissary to run out of all the things I needed.  I was able to make a pumpkin hummus dip, HEALTHY green bean casserole, purple potatoes with a maple sauce, and pumpkin brownies.  We were well fed this year, with plenty of leftovers.  
Zach was helping with the potatoes.  He was saying, "Hot!"
This being Zach's second thanksgiving, we were very excited.  Zach is a piggie, so a holiday centered around food was right up his ally.  Eli of course can't eat food yet, but he came along to hang out in our arms as we took turns eating.  We all ate some yummy food, had some wine, and hung out with some of our wonderful Oki family.  Zach was on crazy mode afterwards, so we let him stay up a little later to play.  
Zach was having so much fun with Tim!
It was a lovely evening, and it makes me think just how much I'll miss this next year.  As much as I look forward to spending a holiday with our families for the first time in years, I will miss the simplicity of our life here.  We are very thankful that they are in our lives.