Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but I still appreciate it just as much.  I love the cute little kids in their costumes, and the spirit of the fall.  It's even more fun when you have little ones of your own!  Zach especially was fun this year- as he's now old enough to enjoy it.
We didn't go crazy this year for halloween.  I just couldn't get into the spirit this year.  Buying old, awful looking pumpkins from the commissary doesn't exactly get you in the spirit!  But we did still do the basic halloween traditions!  We started out by carving pumpkins!  Unfortunately, very few pumpkins were brought to okinawa this year.  And those that were brought weren't in the best condition.  I bought what I thought were decent pumpkins, but turned out to not be so great after all.  We did what we could though.  And Zach had fun watching... for about 5 minutes.  

Pumpkin guts!!

Helping get the seeds and guts out!
And then Halloween came and we got to dress up!  I knew Zach would NEVER keep a hat on his head, so I settled on something simple for his costume.  As for Eli, I knew I'd be babywearing and decided it would be easier to just pop a hat on his head... so we went as...
The peanuts! 

Dima was Linus, Eli was woodstock, Zach was Charlie Brown, and I was Lucy.  Not the most creative costumes, but hey it worked!  Before going trick or treating we did a little science learning experiment.  We poured green vinegar into a pumpkin that was filled with baking soda.  I didn't add enough vinegar, but we did still see it foam at the mouth a bit!

My adorable little Charlie Brown!

Our Elmo pumpkin and puking pumpkin!

We spent our halloween drinking beers, eating pizza, and watching the neighbors scare kids.  Joe goes all out every year with his decorations and fog machine.  Zach was very confused about the holiday.  He "practiced" trick or treating inside with us, but when it came to being outside, he was too confused.  Too many people and crazy costumes threw him off.  But alas, we went to a handful of homes to get our candy.  It was a fun halloween, but I look even more forward to next year- when both boys are a bit older!
Time to get some candy!

One of the neighbors costume!  Zach was very confused!

Crouching warewolf, hidden fog machine!

Ready for action!

He was howling at the kids all night!
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