Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Arcades and pasta!

We've had a lot of fun with Grandpa during his visit to Japan.  We walked a goat, had sushi, bought yummy pineapple goodies, and went to get noodles.  Today we went to the 100 yen plaza, where there are a plethora of stores that are great.  First stop was a great clothing store we found last time Grandpa was here.  Then we headed over to a neat shoe store where we bought Zach squeaky shoes.  Yes you read that right- squeaky shoes!  Every time he walks you can hear him now!  I'll always know where he is!  
Next we went to the 100 yen store where we bought a special bath fizzy for Zach.  It was a  normal bath fizzy but with a toy inside it!  Zach had fun watching it fizz and change colors in the tub.  Gotta love the Japanese!  
We then headed to an arcade to keep Zach busy until lunchtime.  He had so much fun playing games and going on rides in "cars."  It's a great way to kill time.  And Japanese arcades are so cool!  
We ended Grandpa's stay with a trip to Macaroni Grill (our other plans fell through) where we all laughed and enjoyed watching Zach stuff his face of Macaroni.  He is a pig.  Seriously, a pig!  We ended the night with his bath and a story with Grandpa!
We had a great trip with Grandpa Steve and look forward to seeing him again.  Still no word on when and where we are moving- so we have no idea when we will see our families again.  Leave it to the Marines- "Hurry up and wait!"

Driving the van!

Whack an Alligator!  They have this in Japan too!

First and last trip in a Police car!

I had to pick this one because it had a panda wearing a sombrero!

At dinner.  Luckily, Macaroni Grill is very family friendly!  Zach had so much fun coloring the table!

He loves noodles!

Oh Zach...

Bedtime stories!