Sunday, June 30, 2013

Elijah 365 part 41

This week was a very regular week.  What a relief.  We've need regularity.  We started the week out with my birthday and ended with a trip into DC to see the natural history museum.  Eli wants to move move move and the museum reminded me of that.  He doesn't want to sit still in the baby carrier for long, so we had to duck outside to play awhile.  He's one mobile boy!
Day 290- June 24.  Two adorable boys in a crib...

Day 291- June 25. Happy birthday Mommy!  We got to meet Elmo today!

Day 292- June 26.  Tubby time!

Day 293- June 27.  Breakfast for champions

Day 294- June 28.  He loves the water

Day 295- June 29

Day 296- June 30.  Playing outside at the National Mall.