Monday, July 1, 2013

June Random Photo Roundup!

Some random photos that just had no other place from the month of June!
We thought we had escaped the cicadas in Okinawa only to find them in Virginia too!  They only come out every 17 years here.  We picked the perfect summer to move I guess
We've begun some potty training. Without his potty though we haven't been too strict about it.  

North Stafford farmer's market loot!  Gosh I missed this!  

A boy and his dog...

Batman wears heals and fights crime pants less right?

The new  pallet I've been working on.  I've hung it above our garage.  

cupcake wine?  Who could go wrong with a name like that?

Z Step is excited about Daddy's new grill

I made these yummy no sugar, no dairy, no soy, and no grains key lime pies!

Lettuce from our garden!

Daddy Step cutting down some trees from our back yard.  It was overflowing into our yard.  So much better now!

I have never seen one of these wild.  It was beautiful!

Z Step begging for tomatoes!  

Happy Birthday Z Step from my Dad.  No, it wasn't his birthday.  Not till January.  Whoops?  Half Birthday?

Daddy Step grilled these Lamb meatballs with Taziki and a greek salad.  They looked pretty good.