Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

We recently celebrated father's day.  We are so lucky to have the wonderful fathers in our lives.  My Dad is a great man that did/does a great job with both my brother and I.  My father in law raised my hubby to be the amazing man that he's become.  And of course, Dima is an amazing husband and father to my boys.  I couldn't have asked for a better father for them.  They both love him so much and he's a very responsible person with them.  He may not even realize the little things he does, but I notice all the things he does to shape my boys into the men they will someday be.  
We didn't have anything planned for this father's day, because we're still settling into our new home and don't have our things.  Our last minute plans ended up being a wonderful day though.  

Our first stop was to get Zach a pair of minion pajamas.  He is obsessed with minions and as soon as we saw them we knew he had to have them!  
We love the minions
We next stopped at Home Depot to get Daddy his father's day gift.  We had seen they had a great 4 burner grill on sale, and we are going crazy without a grill right now.  We really love grilling- and Dima is great on the grill!  So off we went.  They happened to be having a father's day celebration going on so we were even able to get a photo of Zach and Daddy playing.  

Zach had fun playing with this lawn mower
After our trip we headed to a local crab shack to get some lunch.  I rarely drink, but figured it was a special day and we both got drinks.  I got a long island, Dima a drink with rum in it.  We even got to keep the tiki glass!  

After our meal, we headed home and spent the evening setting up the grill.  Bring on the yummy dinners!  

Happy Father's day to the wonderful dads!