Sunday, June 9, 2013

Elijah 365 part 38

We are slowly but surely beginning to feel like we are coming along with this move.  Though our things are still not here, we are settling all the same.  Weekends are full of errands, and weekdays are spent playing around the house.  The boys and I have fun at home playing with all our toys, even though we are still waiting on many of them to come.  Boy I cannot wait for them to come.  They sure are getting tired of the same stuff!  
Eli's teeth are almost completely through, and he's keeping me very busy.  He can stand and cruise too easily now, and I think he's going to be walking well before his first birthday.  Boys, boys, boys....

Day 268- June 3.  Playing in the tubby.  All he wants to do is stand in that tub.  It scares Mommy all too much.  

Day 269- June 4.  Went for a run with mommy.  He was not happy in the sun.  

Day 270- June 5.  Boys and their dog.  Poor Neko

Day 271- June 6.  They are starting to look so alike.  

Day 272- June 7.  Tubby time fun

Day 273- June 8.  Look who Eli got to meet today!  Oba!

Day 274- June 9.  Oba had to put her patriots hat on him to make Daddy mad.