Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elijah 365 part 39

What a fun week we had!  Eli is now 9 months old, and had never met his grandmother (oba) until now.  Just one of the downsides of living overseas for almost 4 years.  We are so happy to be back in America now, so that he can see his family again. (Even if it does look like we are moving far again)
Up until now, all Eli has seen of his Oba was her face through a computer screen.  Even though he got excited every time he saw her (when he wasn't too busy eating) he enjoyed being hugged and kissed by her even more.  He loves all the love and attention Oba and Tomo have given him.  He is spoiled rotten with diaper changes, spoon feeding, and tubbies!  We even got out to the park at the Marine Corps museum.  (I'm feeling like this is a place we will be spending a lot of time!  
Eli also had his 9 month appointment this week.  Luckily, he had no shots, and we were happy to hear that he is developing perfectly.  Doctor was pleased to hear that he is still being nursed (and I plan to continue until at least his first birthday) and that he gets homemade organic baby food.  His height and weight were still on the lower end of things, but at least he's on the charts.  Someday those chunky thighs will catch up to him! 
Day 275- June 10.  Swinging at the Marine Corps Museum playground with Oba and big brother

Day 276- June 11.  Playing on the couch with his Oba.

Day 277- June 12.  Eating some sweet potatoes and chicken!

Day 278- June 13.  19 pounds and 27 inches tall.  He's gained 13 pounds since he was born.  

Day 279- June 14.  Celebrating Mommy's birthday early.  He's covered in broccoli, not cake though.  He loved watching us blow these!

Day 280- June 15.  Saying "see ya" to Oba and Tomo!

Day 281- June 16.  This kid is so hard to change for bed.  All he wants to do is crawl away and stand on this air mattress.  (I really miss my nursing chair!)