Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oba's visit to Virginia!

Being overseas had been a great blessing.  We got to do many things that most will never have gotten the chance to do. The weather was great, the scenery beautiful, the food fantastic, and the people became some of the best friends we will ever have.  But with good things come downfalls as well.  As much as I hated the commissary, and the fact that I ordered most things online- the thing I missed the most was seeing our family.  Now that we are close again (well, 6-7 hours is close compared to 27 hours!) we have been lucky enough to see our families.  
Eli is now 9 months old, and had never even met my mother before her recent visit.  We skype a few times a week, but skype can only do so much.  And Zach hadn't seen his Oba (japanese for Grandmother) in over a year.  He only knew here through that big box around her face on the computer.  
The boys have gotten spoiled rotten in Oba's visit with Tomo (Tomo is Japanese for friend).  We stayed at home most of the time, and Oba and Tomo just helped us settle a bit more into an empty home.  We got small projects done, and one large project- weeding the awful looking front yard.  Thanks Mom!  Even though our stuff isn't here, we made due with what we had.  Zach and Eli don't seem to mind- and Oba and Tomo simply wanted to play with the boys.  Mommy and Daddy even got to get out alone a few times!  I like this whole living close to family thing.  If only we could stay a bit longer.  

We always have a great time with my Mom, and this trip was nothing short of a fun week!  
Breakfast with Oba.  Usually we had breakfast through skype while she was eating Dinner.  What  a turn of events! 
Oba and Tomo are patriots fans.  Daddy hates the Patriots so they took this photo of Eli to make Daddy mad!

Is that Tomo feeding a baby?!

Swinging at the park.  What a bum.  

Like father like son!

Airplane time with Oba

I believe he's eating while going #2.  Nice one Zach.  

Sliding with Oba

Oba and her boys

Tomo and her favorite bald guys

I love his swing faces!

Nice Daddy

I left him with them for 10 minutes...
Oba even planned an early birthday party for me.  We got to have Ice cream cake.  Zach LOVED it and won't stop singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" now.  He loves playing with the noisemakers too.  I think we might have to have random "birthday" parties now. 

Eli was tuckered but wanted to stay up for cake

My goof.  
Thanks for coming Oba and Tomo!  Come back soon!