Sunday, June 30, 2013

DC visit- Natural History Museum

DC is one of my favorite cities only after Charleston and Tokyo that is.  When we lived here 4 years ago, we were in DC almost every weekend.  We loved touring the National Mall, and going out for drinks in Georgetown.  It really was the best place to spend our first year together.  Now that we have gotten older and had kids, going into DC is just not what it  used to be.  We now have two littles who get bored easily, so heading into the city is not quite as easy.  But alas, we do it anyway because we love the city and have family come visit.  
This weekend, Daddy Step's cousin, was visiting with his daughter.  They wanted to head to the natural history museum, which is one of the ones that is fairly kid friendly.  We packed our lunches and headed up north.  
When we got there, we had some time to kill, so we walked around outside the art museum.  Z Step needed to get some energy out, and E Step was napping in his baby carrier.  We got to see a water fountain and some modern sculptures outdoors.  We really don't understand modern art.  I couldn't tell what any of them were supposed to be.  We then played a bit outside before heading into the museum.  
E Step and I looking at the fountain.  He thought this was pretty cool

Daddy Step and Z Step looking up at the fountain

Z Step thought this was so cool.  I think he wanted to swim

I don't get it.  A guy doing a potato sack race?  I'm sorry, but I just don't get modern art.  

E Step loved standing against this tree!

Z Step playing hide and go seek with E Step
After parking the car, we headed into the museum.  I had to duck out a few times to feed E Step, but got to skim bits and pieces.  It was a summer weekend and it was absolutely crazy of tourists.
Lots of Dinosaurs and fossils.  

Daddy Step's birth stone.  I'll take one of each please...
After a picnic on the National Mall's lawn, we headed home in order to hit up the grocery and prep for the week ahead.  It was a nice quick trip into the city for some fun.  Looking forward to doing it again.
The White House from afar.