Friday, June 21, 2013

60 Steps of Summer Fun- Part 2!

For those of you following our blog for the past year, you may remember last year's challenge.  For those of you new to us, let me bring you up to speed.  

Last year was our final summer with one baby.  I wanted to make it fun and exciting so I set a goal for our family to cross off during the summer.  I hate the thought of missing out on all the fun things summer has to offer, so by making this list we were able to have a great fun summer.  Though Z Step was a bit young for lots of it, we still had a great time crossing items off our list.  There were about 5 that we didn't finish, but those were all for reasons beyond our control.  

This summer is a bit different.  We now have 2 little ones to entertain, and are still settling into life in America.  So our list is a bit different.  There are many things on this list that will be much easier to cross off.  Lots of books and activities to accomplish!  but what's summer without some education?  With a 2 year old who is constantly developing- we have to keep that little mind sharp!  And for E Step?  Don't worry- we will incorporate him into as much of these activities as we can!  

2013 Summer Sixty

Read 2150 minutes
Make chilled watermelon soup
Make edible jewelry
Go to a baseball game
Make beaded jewelry for some special ladies
Make a bird feeder
Make a sun catcher
Watch a Christmas movie
Have a nature scavenger hunt
Sesame place
Go on a rope swing
Visit a children's museum
Car wash
Go to a country concert
Go to story time
Go to story time
Go to story time
Go to story time
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Visit a new park
Read 5 little speckled frogs
Read Goodnight Gorilla
Read Peek a who?
Read If you give a mouse a cookie
Bake cookies
Read Llama red pajama
Read Bubble trouble
Read 10 minutes until bedtime
Read babysitter for Billy bear
Read 5 little monkeys
Read Prince of the Potty
Go to a carnival/fair
Make strawberry lemon popsicles
Water balloon fight
Make an indoor obstacle course
Game night
Be a super hero for a day
Mini golf
Make something pina colada flavored
Freeze summer herbs for the winter
Grill pizzas
Grill peaches
Run the color run
Go for a hike
Mother-Son date
Build something
Go geocaching
Make a Jello sensory bin
Glow in the dark bath
Donate to goodwill