Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Mama!

Once I hit 21, birthdays haven't been a huge deal to me.  Having just moved from Japan, this birthday was one of the last ones on my mind.  The past few birthdays have been quite un-eventful to say the least.  Daddy Step and I have only spent a few together in the past 5 years and we were very excited that this year we would be together.  I didn't expect much thanks to the craziness our lives have been lately, but it ended being a wonderful birthday.  
The morning was spent having breakfast with my boys while Daddy Step was at work for a few hours. Once he got home I was surprised with two birthday cards.  One from my boys with lots of love for Mommy.  The other was from Daddy Step with my birthday gift- tickets to see Trace Atkins in Fredericksburg in August!  We've gone 4 years without country concerts- and they are our favorite kind of date.  Our relationship all started with a trip to a Brooks and Dunn/Alan Jackson Concert years ago.  Thanks love for a wonderful gift.  Can't wait to go!
We then headed to Fredericksburg to go to a summer fun event going on.  We got to meet two famous guys.  Who did we meet?  Buzz Lightyear and Elmo!  Now that's a birthday if you ask me.  Z Step got to dance with Buzz for a second and eat lots of popcorn.  
All he wanted was that popcorn.  Sorry Buzz.  He's more of a Woody fan anyway

After all the fun, we headed home to play.  Z Step got to play in the sprinkler while Mommy and Daddy prepped Dinner.  

He loved playing in the sprinkler!  We have a special one on the way- can't wait for it to come!
 For dinner, I picked a recipe I found online for salmon kebabs.  Two things I love the most- Salmon and a grill.  
We don't have our wine glasses from Oki yet so I was drinking my wine with a kid's cup.  I threw  some frozen strawberries and grapes in it to keep it cold and to eat afterwards.  

I didn't need a cake but Z Step kept asking me for one.  He helped sing and blow the candles out.  Thanks Z!

Salmon kebabs with a spring mix salad with tomatoes and mozzarella.  Perfect birthday dinner!  
Thanks for a wonderful birthday, Daddy Step!  And my boys.  Love you guys!

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