Sunday, June 2, 2013

Elijah 365 Part 37

We have had a wonderful week with Eli's Auntie visiting.  And what better time then for Memorial day?  It was our first long weekend in Virginia and we took advantage by starting our weekend out at the National Marine Corps museum nearby.  Eli has been a trooper, even if he is still too young to do or see much.  He's been spoiled by his Auntie and is crawling just about everywhere now.  He can very quickly climb up the small step we have between our kitchen and living room (ickk need to baby proof that ASAP!) and is even using those chubby little legs to stand up.  He can do it with little effort now, and I'm concerned I'm going to have a walker soon.  He's not even 9 months yet!  He's been growing too quickly for me to keep up!  Especially with a move still taking place.  None of our stuff is here still!
Here's some photos of our week.  Once Auntie left, we have spent much of our time home at the house relaxing.  
Day 261- May 27.  Dressing up as a little Marine at the museum

Day 262- May 28.  Bouncing around in his Jumperoo.  He's getting too big for it now.

Day 263- May 29.  Saying goodnight and see ya later to his Auntie

Day 264- May 30.  Eating some Broccoli at dinner

Day 265- May 31.  Loving his sweet potatoes

Day 266- June 1.  Not happy before bed.  He hates it when we dress him.  

Day 267- June 2.  Look at those new teeth!  He's gotten 4 new ones and I believe his other top one is coming down soon!