Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Elijah 365 part 40

We have had a very long  and busy week.  For starters we began our new membership at the local gym.  If there's one thing Mommy needs- it's a daily trip to the gym.  Eli is now at an age where I can somewhat gauge his nap schedules and I feel comfortable leaving him for a short amount of time.  The gym is in town, and has a huge play area for the kids.  There is an entire baby area with swings, jumperoos, and toys galore.  And a huge play place for Zach to play on.  What a relief to know I can have my mommy time again.  I'm a better mom when I can get some kind of workout in.  Eli is adjusting fairly well for his first week.  
Eli's 2nd top tooth has finally stuck through his gums.  Now hopefully it won't look like we decked him and knocked his other front tooth out!  
Our little man is busy watching and playing all day.  And I am very happy that he's finally FINALLY fallen into a somewhat dependable sleep schedule.  I can finally feel comfortable leaving the house for an hour or two alone and be ok.  
We also met some new friends this week.  Their kids are all the same ages as ours (In fact Zach is just an hour or two younger then one of the boys) and their girls are very close in age to Eli.  
And so... the photos!
Day 283- June 17.  Can you guess what Eli is doing here?  Funniest photo

Day 284- June 18.  Look at his new teeth!

Day 285- June 19.  Trying to walk.  Big brother was very upset he was playing with this toy.  

Day 286- June 20.  Yummy breakfast with Mommy

Day 287- June 21.  Playing with Daddy.  

Day 288- June 22.  Love this little chubster!  

Day 289- June 23.  Went to a local trail for a hike with the dog.