Friday, May 31, 2013

May wrap up

With all the craziness our lives have been, we have had little time to post on here.  Instead of post in individual posts (I don't have the time) I will just do a monthly wrap up!
Final day in Okinawa.  Daddy got an award at work and Zach got a haircut!

Packing up and taking a final photo in front of our home in Okinawa

Saying bye to Japan.  Our home, Daddy's work, the highway, and of course- Jail!

Ready to go!  Bye bye Whitney!  

Welcome to America!  Our home, our ugly monkey drapes in our new home (I may have to keep them!) the price of apples (wow so cheap!) and of course- TARGET!

How the boys keep busy without our things
New things!  Zach's new car- Mommy's new car- Our new couches

getting things done.  Making a pallet garden, making a bird feeder, painting the dining room, and some of our things arrived!

love the japanes kanji!

Playing outside.  I love zach's fat face!
 love these boys!
strawberry picking with auntie
Auntie came with Lidia! 

Went to the zoo!

A bunch of randoms!  Dima gave Eli the shot glass to play with because he had no toys yet!