Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's play some football!

Our neighbor, Joey is a ball of energy.  He's constantly on the run and is quite honestly hard to keep up with.  So when his parents asked him what sport he'd like to play a few months ago- it was no surprise that he decided on football.  For weeks after being issued his gear, he was running around outside with his helmet and shoulder pads on.  He was so excited and proud to be a football player and was excited for his season to start.  
This morning, we decided we would go to one of his football games.  Zach would love watching and seeing other people outside of our house, and we could all get some fresh air.  It was a beautiful day- perfect for a day of football!  (ok, maybe not perfect- it's still very hot out so it's not exactly that fall weather you envision with football!)  We packed up the stroller with all of Eli's stuff (amazing how much stuff is required for an hour outing with an infant) and headed up to the field for the bulldog's first game!
We had a great time watching, and seriously- how cute is it to watch a bunch of 6-7 year olds with football gear on?  Half of them were crying the entire time, but it was still a show to see.  Joey did great and his team won!  
Zach seemed to fit right in- he sat right down in a lawn chair and stole Wendy's water bottle and went to town.  He ended up drinking the entire thing while sitting and chatting with her.  He occasionally yelled "GO GO GO!" and even motioned "touchdown" once.  He liked watching everyone clap and cheer for the teams, and joined in.  The problem was he was cheering for the other team.  Guess he's showing good sportsmanship!  That's my boy!  
We had an awesome time and it makes me excited for the days when my boys play sports.  Whatever sports they decide on that is!  

Getting ready for the game

He loves making silly faces!

Joey at half time!

What a face

My littlest little football fan!

This little girl was really into her cheering!

Looks like a wink there!

Does it get any cuter?