Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly happenings & Typhoon Jelawat

Being 2-3 weeks postpartum, there isn't much I can yet do.  I unfortunately cannot get up and workout yet, so much of my days are spent at home, feeding Elijah and playing with Zach.  In any case, here are some photos of our week.  I will be posting some 365 photos soon enough! 
Sleeping in mommy's arms

Playing with Daddy's shoes!

Reading to baby brother!

Went for a walk with the boys to the park!

Driving the car

Sleepy boy

Zach decided to color the entire playground!
 We had a surprisingly big typhoon.  It was only a category 3, but it was pretty destructive.  Cars were flipped, dumpsters flew, and many people were hurt.  Many are actually still without power!  Luckily, the most damage our home took was a 10 minute power outage and the bon fire pit blew away (we recovered it and it'll be fine).  We are very lucky.  Unfortunately others weren't so lucky. 
During the storm, before it got bad

Zach was playing peek a boo!

My garden was ruined.  I have to remind myself- we're moving, we're moving, we're moving!  Luckily, I didn't spend money on anything but the soil.

After the typhoon.  My tree in the front bent over!
This is the satellite dish for our internet and cable company on the island.  Tacos anyone?

Cars completely smashed in. 

That's a street sign under there

 A lot of dumpsters flipped.  Some hit cars

This is in Naha, I don't know why anyone would be driving in those conditions!

That's a big storm!
Many cars flipped.  Here's a video of one flying away on Camp Kinser.  Warning- there is some language in it!

 After the storm happened, the seas are always wild.  Lots of waves, but the water usually looks even more blue then it usually does.  Many people go collect shells and go check it out because it can be beautiful.  This storm was so big though that getting too close to the water was not wise.  Unfortunately, this fisherman lost his life by getting too close.  Lesson learned- don't mess with mother nature.  Warning- this video shows it happening, many may not have the heart to watch it so be warned.  What a tragedy.

Stuffing our face in the morning! 
It has been quite a week in Okinawa.  We are glad the typhoon is over and are very ready to move from this island now!  I've loved our time here, but ready to go.  We hope to learn where and when we move very soon!