Sunday, October 14, 2012

BOO!! Boo who....??

Halloween is just not quite the same holiday it was living in America.  We don't have pumpkin patches to go to with our kids to pick the perfect pumpkin, we don't get to see beautiful fall foliage, and we certainly don't get to go apple picking.  Instead, we buy our pumpkins at the grocery store (if there's enough left that is!), wear flip flops because it's too hot for shoes still, and dish out a whopping $3.50+ a pound for apples that don't even taste great.  It's not the same as in America, but we have learned to make due.  
One way us Okinawians make due is by "Booing" our neighbors.  What's "booing" you ask?  Booing involves leaving a little halloween themed gift on your neighbor's porch with a note asking them to do the same to two others.  The bag comes with a letter asking you to post a note on your door that you've already been booed.  We decided since nobody else started the chain up on our hill, we would!  We made two bags of goodies for some friends.  Candy, toys, coloring pages, and lots of fun goodies for the kids and adults in the families made their way to the door step of two families.  Dima snuck outside in the dark and did a ding dong ditch on the neighbor's door, leaving a special treat for them.  We were delighted that when one of the friends came outside he yelled, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" When he realized he'd been booed!  Gotta love the spirit of our friends!  
After the first boo had been sent, we began seeing "We've been booed!" signs pop up every day in our neighborhood.  What a great feeling it is to know you started a chain of random acts of kindness!  And a few days later, that act of kindness made its way back to us... we got booed!  Our booers brought us a bunch of great things to keep us (ok, Zach...) busy.  We got green chocolate and pretzels and a mold to make "mummy" shaped chocolate pretzels.  We got a great face mask that Zach was initially scared of but now he likes to wear.  We got a light up eyeball bouncy ball.  And we got a ghost that lights up.  Zach has been having a lot of fun playing with his new toys and It's getting me excited for Halloween in a few weeks!
Our boo basket!
Zach playing with the mask


Zach asked Daddy to wear it too

Booing was something on our "fall five."  The first we can cross off our list!  Even with two little ones, we're still accomplishing our to do lists! 

As a result of our "booing" I've decided to add something new this blog.  If there's one thing I love, it's doing something nice for others.  Whether that be someone I know, or a total stranger.  It's something that is very dear to me, and something I really want my boys to learn from me.  People today have too many wants and needs.  Gimmie this, Gimmie that.  I want my boys to learn to give, and to get satisfaction from giving.  And with that said, I'd like to start my "RAOK" or Random Act Of Kindness.  From here on, I will be randomly surprising people with kindness.  Because sometimes one little action can make someone's entire day turn right side up.