Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting out of the house!

Zach trying to help his baby brother out
How we keep ourselves busy in the house
Still being under 6 weeks postpartum, I haven't gotten the chance to do much these days.  I cannot exercise yet (though I'm dying to!) and find it hard to get out during the day between nap schedules and a newborn who is constantly hungry.  The first few months are always the toughest, and I've been aware of this for awhile.  
But whenever we have the chance, we get out of the house.  Whether that be for a walk and a trip to the park, or just in the front yard.  I'm finding more and more fun things to do at home so big brother can get some much needed learning play in.  
This weekend, we headed out to a Japanese park, Comprehensive, to burn some energy.  Zach loves the park and is getting to be such a big boy climbing everything.  We love going with him and we had a great time.  We even brought a lunch and had a picnic by the lake with the ducks. 
On one of the awesome parks at comprehensive

Fast asleep Elijah

playing on the see saw

Driving the train!

I love the colors in this piece of play equipment

Having fun rocking around

Love riding the Hippo

went down the big kid slide with daddy

A nice japanese man gave us food to feed the turtles and fish

I love the orange ones!

Zach loves to rip baby Eli's socks off. 

View from our picnic spot

With my boy

We had a great time and I love these family outings.  It's great for Zach to get out and play and we all know Mommy and Daddy enjoy the fresh air!