Saturday, October 6, 2012

20 months= 20,000 laughs

With all of the excitement of Elijah's birth, many have asked how Zach is handling everything.  And to be quite honest, he's done wonderfully.  He barely notices his brother and is adjusting very well.  In fact, he's been keeping me laughing every day!  Here are some photos of the fun we've been having.  
Daddy got promoted, so does Zach!

Captain Stepanoff

Zach got a new big boy table!  


Loving this swing

Playing on the bouncy!

Come on in Mom!
He took his pants and diaper off in bed tonight and fell asleep like this!  
That's my kid.  Goofy as can be.  He got it from his father.  But all in all, I love these moments!