Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elijah 365- Part 6

Can you believe it's already been six weeks since Eli was born?  Wow how time flies!  Ok.  I lied.  These days the days seem VERY slow for me.  Why?  Because all of my time is spent sitting down feeding or rocking Eli to sleep.  My Iphone has become my best friend, that is if I can even keep my eyes open to look at the screen.  I'm exhausted!  
The good news: Thanks to all that eating, Eli is getting big.  And by big, I mean he's getting fat.  A healthy baby boy fat.  He's developing "bracelets" as I call them- the little rings around his wrists from the fat on his arms.  Soon enough he'll have rolls on his thighs.  I've already had to start lifting the fat rolls in his neck to clean under his chins! 
The bad news: He has lost his hair.  Babies, especially those with light hair, lose their hair at this point.  It grows back... eventually.  Unfortunately we are still waiting for Zach's hair to grow back and he's over a year and a half.  No telling how long we will be waiting for Eli's hair to grow in.  The odds aren't in his favor.  
And now... the photos from this week's adventures:  
Day 43- Oct 22  Sleepy boy while mommy and daddy worked out!

Day 44- Oct 23  It's exhausting being a froggy

Day 45- Oct 24  Showing off his Little Brother shirt!

Day 46- Oct 25  Daddy had duty yesterday so he needed a nap.  Both boys needed snuggle time

Day 47- Oct 26  Saying bye to Daddy before he goes to the Marine Corps Ball

Day 48- Oct 27  At a party with mommy for halloween/fall.  Eli is woodstock!

Day 49- Oct 28  Eli- you have pooh on your head!