Monday, October 29, 2012

Zach and the purple crayon & playtime

The past week Zach and I are trying to keep busy.  He's quite obsessed with coloring, so coloring takes up a good portion of his time when I'm busy with baby brother.  Unfortunately, when I'm busy with brother, it's not easy to keep a close eye on Zach.  Today he proved how much of a problem that is.
Zach decided my walls looked better purple!
It was bound to happen.  Zach has colored my wall purple.  Of all colors you had to pick my least favorite?  Luckily, there is a little tool that is heaven sent for moms with toddlers- Magic Erasers!  I sternly explained to Zach that he does not color on the walls.  I took the crayon away and had him clean up after himself.  The problem?  He loves to clean so this was a treat for him.  As he gets older, I'm sure this will be a bad punishment for him.  

I've been busy bringing Zach to the park this week too.  Eli LOVES babywearing, just as Zach did.  This gives me the chance to do things like this with Zach more often.  We try to get out of the house every day to go play at the playground near our house.  Zach has so much fun, and often times gets to play with other kids his age.  We're busy keeping busy over here!  Even a little is something these days!

Peek a boo!

going down the slide!

Proof that he has hair!  And no, that's not a bruise, it's dirt!

Hey mom!

He was mad at me because I wouldn't let him take the picture!