Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elijah 365 Part 45

What a week we've had.  Daddy Step was away for work this week in North Carolina so my hands were quite full.  E Step is still very clingy to me and wants to be constantly held.  Big brother is on a nap strike so I'm exhausted.  I need a vacation!  We made the best of our time though, and spent a lot of time running, at story time, and at the playground.  E Step seems to love going to story time and watching everyone sing and dance and play music.  We will be returning very soon.  
Day 318- July 22. Being fed by big brother

Day 319- July 23.  At the park!

Day 320- July 24.  Piggy boy begging for more!

Day 321- July 25.  Celebrating Christmas in July outside with brother

Day 322- July 26.  Yes that's a heart stamp on his head.  We were having craft time

Day 323- July 27.  He never slept in a swing before and of course fell asleep in this one at the gym!

Day 324- July 28.  Ready for bedtime!